of the play "The Clothes "Make" The Man"

Haggeling Ladies

               A moral Comedy of Right and Wrong
About good conduct and proper tongue.

The story of a farmer and his wife...
Something comes between them to change their life.

That's almost scary and not so funny;
Colorful clothing and lot's of money!

Nursing Home performance

The Jolly Roger Pirate of a "Captain Morgan" rum ad spoke to me in rhyme and I prayed to write something that the whole family could enjoy after a run of my gruesome Human Rights play "Authority Vs. Majority" in the summer of 1989 - in May 1991, The British Institute of Barcelona, Spain paid me to stage a script in hand reading of "The Clothes "Make" The Man" by it's Drama Club. I subsequently rewrote and expanded the text and staged it again in 1996 (September 17, 18, 19, 20) at Nursing Homes and at The Producer's Club in New York City, then took the show to The Theater Studio. In the spring 1997, I shot the movie version in upstate NY.

That summer, I visited South Africa and was inspired to write "The Clothes "Make" The Man II", which is (also in rhyme) the sequel and follow up to the story of the same characters in the same town 7 years later .
On December 10, 1997 I had a screening of the movie and a script in hand reading of the play
by the same actors at the NY Public Library, 59th street branch.
C"M"M II had a staged reading at Manhattan Theater Source on October 6, 2001 with the original cast members of C"M"M plus Cliff Carpenter as the Town Judge,Jeannine Turchiano as the Seamstress and Timothy Klein as the Beggar/Model.

The 2001 International Film and Video Festival of New York was the world debut of C"M"M and was awarded "Best Costume Design in a Short Film".

On July 27,2001 Network of Cities Internet T.V. awarded C"M"M for "Best Cinematography".

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