The  Clothes  "Make"   The   Man
Rogellio and Beggar

Act I: A spoof on value and business

The Farmer Roger is given a large new hat by his wife Maggie (for shade).
This odd new look inspires the Landowner John to decorate Roger " in the clothes of a King"
to fool the town Judge, the Magistrate into paying a higher purchase price for a piece of property.

The negotiations backfire and the Magistrate leaves in huff... which Roger warned John would happen
and that they were wrong to attempt such a ruse.

The Magistrate is determined to get that plot for his family shrine and will put himself in debt,
he'll be proud to pay what ever the price. So, he returns and the bargaining begins anew and so,
the Magistrate winds up as the happy owner.

Now Roger (as Rogellio ), being disguised and suddenly rich, sees the Beggar (who he invites to work
each morning to earn a wage) now gives him a gold doubloon.

Act II: A spoof on clothes and undressing.

Rogellio also gives the town Seamstress some extra money for being kind.
He makes his way home to his wife and, to his surprise, she doesn't recognize him! So, he plays out the
charming admirer intent on seducing her. They proceed to argue about proper dress codes. Of course she
sends his advances or any of the gold that he leaves.

Later that night, both Farmer and his Wife have strange dreams about clothing, colors and generosity.
The next day, they go strolling in the park to discover that the Beggar has had a major reformation and
now works with his sister, the Seamstress. They sell new clothes and hope that all will try on new designs
and set new fashion trends. John is caught up in this new spirit,

the Magistrate comments:

"It's curious to see,
                how the people murmur.
             The whole town is seized,
                    by a general good humor".

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